Why Study In UK

The United Kingdom is an island country located in north western coast of Europe; it has a historical advantage over any other countries around the globe. It is a country by its own right, consisting of four other countries. British culture has presence worldwide, so anywhere in the world you go; you will find some touch of British culture within that particular country, thus making it one of the most flourished cultures around the globe. Studying in UK puts you in a strategic advantage in terms of future opportunity, a UK visa gives you access to most of the commonwealth countries. Every year, more than 450,000 students across the globe choose UK for their higher education. It has very highly developed educational system in all the stream, be it business, social science, engineering, health sciences, accounting, nursing, education, computer science and many other field. Universities offer many different levels of study such as higher secondary, under graduate, postgraduate, master coursework and research degrees. The universities are globally recognized and have been attracting large numbers of students from all countries. It has the repute for providing quality education and excellent research and teaching facilities.

Post Study Options

It’s but obvious that you need to leave the country once completing your studies, but for some they might be searching for different options to stay on in the UK and work.

Work while Studying:

Based on the new immigration rules, Tier 4 students will be forced to leave the country once their program is finished. Tier 4 students are also banned from working while studying. Other migrant students at colleges can work up to 10 hours per week. From 12th November, Tier 4 students will also be restricted from extending their visas unless they have applied for studying in an institution with direct, formal link with a UK university. Time period of Tier 4 students can study will be reduced from 3 years to 2 years. Depending on your qualification, you can apply for different schemes.

Work Permit Scheme:

Under this scheme, an employer offers a genuine vacancy of skilled job to you when there is a shortage of workers for the job. With this permit you can stay in the UK for 5 years. After being in the UK for 5 years, you can also apply for permanent residency. Work permit are not transferable means they are specific to the employers who obtain them.

Training and Work Experience Scheme:

Under this scheme, you can possess training and experience of a job in the UK, required for your further specialist or professional qualification. An employer who can satisfy this requirement can apply for the same.

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