Why Study In New-Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be one of best places to live in, to study, work or settle in. Studying in New Zealand will enable students to gain a great learning experience, a globally acclaimed qualification, practical exposure, with International competition in a multicultural society & much more. New Zealand is safe country and the people are not only hospitable, but they hold an interest in mixing with new cultures. New Zealand education providers teaches different courses with different method of learning i.e. attending lectures, self-study assignments, practical exposure of industrial visits, projects, employers visit to the institute sharing knowledge and internships within the areas of major. New Zealand qualifications are also known as Globally Acclaimed Qualifications within the world.

The combination of Practical and modern techniques with the course degree itself, is what ranks them the world’s best & reputed qualifications for international students. New Zealand government offers Graduate job search visa option on successful completion of studies to international students. Graduates may work within the country thus gaining exposure and work experience within the field of their graduation, and later on international students are eligible to apply for permanent residency based on the point based system maintained by respective authorities of the country.

Post Study Options

Students usually think what next after finishing the program. Some might stay on and get work experience in New Zealand or some might even consider going on for higher education, travel and spend some leisure time. Here are some options for the international students out there in New Zealand or planning to go:

Work while Studying:

If you want to work while studying in New Zealand, you can go for part time jobs of 20 hours per week during the study period and 40 hours during semester break which will indeed help you to earn your living expense. Before opting for part time jobs do check your eligibility and steps you need to take on.

Study to work policy:

Study to work policy is basically for students and trainees who have completed their certain qualification in New Zealand. A student can apply for work permit; 3 months after the end date of the student permit. There are two options available for a student under study to work policy – the graduate job search permit and the work on completion of course of study permit.

If you are looking for a job then you can go for post study work visa open. An only criterion is that you should have completed your qualification in New Zealand. Under this policy, one should submit the application three months after the student permit and this gives you 12 months to search a relevant job based to your qualification. This policy makes you work under an employer..

Students can look out for job opportunities before their completion of preferred course as some employers in New Zealand do take on students over the summer holidays. After completion of your program, straight away you will be eligible for work permit. And once your work permit ends, you can extend your time period or else apply for a PR.

Apply Now

If you already acquire a job offer then you can apply for work on completion of a course of study work permit. The main intention of this policy is to make you enter into an industry in which you have studied or trained in. You can apply for this policy, three months after the student permit or while you are under the post study work permit visa with employer assistance. This permit is valid for up to 3 years. Under this policy, you will only work under the specific employer, location and position. In order to be eligible for this policy, you should have completed a course of minimum of 2 years in New Zealand. The job must be accordance to your qualification in New Zealand.